Duda in China, or what the coalition’s ultras are fighting over with PiS psychofans

Duda in China, or what the coalition's ultras are fighting over with PiS psychofans

It seems we are ruled by serial traitors. Their main occupation is competing in mutual accusations about who is betraying Poland more and with whom. Orbán’s usual accusations of betraying the country with the EU, Germany, Russia and Hungary have also included China. Instead of appreciating the multi-track nature of our diplomacy, we applaud fanatics for whom pointless flailing is a value in itself.

A great diplomatic success that crushes the competition, or a common betrayal that paves the way for Putin to win? The assessments of Andrzej Duda’s visit to China, reduced to this absurd dilemma, show that there are no limits to stupidity that the Polish political debate would not be able to cross. In pursuit of traitors to the Polish raison d’état, our security, alliances and national interests, we are no longer only rushing to Washington, Berlin, Paris or Brussels. We have also begun to conquer China with this sport that excites the crowd.

A completely normal foreign trip of the incumbent head of state to Beijing – one of the main political and economic centers of the world – was used like a blunt ax to kill the legendary pack.

The coalition’s ultras are convinced that Duda’s visit to Beijing is proof of his secret ties with the Kremlin regime, which enjoys China’s tacit support. At the same time, they ignore with merciful silence the fact that Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Scholz are fiercely competing with each other for the opportunity to undertake a similar pilgrimage.

Something that is part of the absolutely trustworthy policy of European statesmen, Duda’s implementation is only PiS nonsense, an object of ridicule and massive criticism.

It is therefore hardly surprising that psychofans of the current opposition are coming out in droves to defend the immaculate genius of the President of the Republic of Poland. Enthusiasts, overcome with holy ecstasy, ejaculate at the thought that Duda – despite his obvious shortcomings – has superhuman powers that allow him to persuade the Chinese president to abandon his support for Putin.

To torpedo these attempts, it is enough to carefully count how many hours the Polish president spent in direct conversation with Xi Jinping, and how many in the corridor of the People’s Palace in Beijing, waiting for an audience.

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