Who is ESG for?

Who is ESG for?

What does the abbreviation ESG mean? Does sustainable development only lead to an increase in housing prices without giving anything in return? Or maybe high ecological standards in housing construction can improve our finances?

The green revolution in construction is happening before our eyes. Nowadays, the concept of “green premises” increasingly means specific technological solutions, and not just an advertising slogan. Knowledge about the importance of using renewable energy sources in housing construction is becoming more and more common. However, in Poland we still have a lot to catch up on in this regard.

Producing 1 kWh of energy in Poland means an average emission of 700 g of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and in Norway only 20 g. Despite this, energy-plus housing estates are being built in Norway, i.e. those that will produce more energy in a year than they consume from the power grid – says Artur Łeszczyński, business development director at Skanska Residential Development Poland, in the latest episode of the podcast “Deweloperskie Inspiracje. How to build without going crazy”, which is created under the patronage of WPROST.

In 2024, there can be no illusions that the technical development conditions introduced in Poland and the European Union taxonomy rules will allow indefinitely to omit technological solutions in housing construction that have a positive impact on the environment. Photovoltaic panels or a mechanical ventilation system with energy recovery, i.e. heat recovery, are no longer an extravagant addition to luxury investments in multi-family buildings, but are slowly becoming the expected standard.

Certainly, the greatest impact on the popularization of renewable energy solutions in housing may be their profitability for customers. And in this matter, the results are truly surprising. Comparative research conducted by Skanska in two twin multi-family investments, one of which was additionally equipped with the Smart Home Appartme system, showed that a smart home and an advanced ESG approach reduced the average value of energy bills by 18%!

It turns out that sustainable development means, on the one hand, an increase in the costs of building a property, and therefore also its price, and, on the other hand, an investment in lower utility and heating bills. Without a doubt, thanks to innovative solutions, we can also increase the comfort of life and take care of the environment. So what solutions are worth investing in first?

He discusses ESG, renewable energy and many other “green” solutions in the podcast “Who does ESG serve?” Krzysztof Kuniewicz from 3D Estate, in a conversation with Artur Łeszczyński, responsible at Skanska Residential Development Poska for sustainable development of construction, digitization of processes and investment implementation.

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