Andrzej Wrona demands changes. PlusLiga as an “underground state”

Andrzej Wrona demands changes.  PlusLiga as an "underground state"

Andrzej Wrona does not like the way volleyball transfers are currently handled. He expressed his outrage online and suggested specific changes.

Although we are more or less halfway through the PlusLiga competition (and the regular round), there is already a lot of talk about the transfers of individual volleyball players. Even though they will take place only in a few months, they arouse great emotions. We are, of course, talking about reactions from fans, but also from people from the community itself. For example, Andrzej Wrona expressed a strong voice on this matter. A living legend demands far-reaching changes.

Lots of transfer rumors in PlusLiga

You don’t have to look far to find major or minor rumors regarding potential volleyball players’ moves. Speculations concern the biggest stars of the Polish national team and PlusLiga. Recently, information about athletes such as Aleksander Śliwka, Łukasz Kaczmarek, Bartosz Bednorz, Jakub Kochanowski and Fabian Drzyzga has appeared on the Internet. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, after all, it is no different in the case of foreign players or slightly less known players.

However, the clubs themselves are silent because they are waiting for the end of the competition to make official announcements. This summer we will find out which changes will become facts and which will remain only rumors.

Andrzej Wrona is fed up with this

This is what Andrzej Wrona doesn’t like. “The sooner clubs understand that transfer rumors cannot be stopped and that they start announcing players themselves when the contract is signed, and not only after the current one expires, the better. This rule that nothing can be signed or announced before the current contract expires makes no sense. So we have a situation where three more or less anonymous profiles on X are the main source of transfer information,” he wrote on the X website (formerly Twitter).

“I would prefer the player to take a selfie while signing the contract, post it on social media and inform him immediately. This is an element of the emotions of this environment, which has turned into some kind of underground state,” added the volleyball player. His entry caused ambivalent feelings among Internet users. Some agree with the 35-year-old and share these doubts. Others argue that this is simply how the transfer market works and for many reasons, including marketing, the club cannot act differently.

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