500 Plus for Ukrainians. There are the latest data

500 Plus for Ukrainians.  There are the latest data

The Central Statistical Office provided the latest data on 500 Plus benefits received by Ukrainian citizens. The report shows that over 612,000 people benefited from the assistance. families. The total amount of benefits provided was PLN 364.8 million.

According to the Central Statistical Office, in 2022, over a million people took advantage of the 500 Plus benefit. Support for a total amount of PLN 364.8 million was provided to 612,000. families.

500 Plus for Ukrainians

The Office would like to remind you that Ukrainian citizens living in Poland, whose stay has been recognized as legal, are entitled to benefits under community social assistance, including the 500 Plus care benefit. Such a right, in connection with Russia’s attack on Ukraine, was granted under a special law.

Ukrainians are also entitled to other permanent benefits, including one-off benefits paid in the amount of PLN 300 per person, and benefits provided in the form of meals.

Millions for help

According to information published by the Central Statistical Office, 33.3 thousand people used other benefits in 2022. people (28.5 thousand households), who were granted 67.9 thousand benefits with a total value of PLN 17.2 million. The largest share in this category was the periodic allowance, granted for other reasons, for which PLN 9 million was spent. In second place was periodic benefit for long-term illness.

596.4 thousand people benefited from the one-time benefit of PLN 300. Ukrainian households. A total of PLN 321.1 million was allocated for its payment.

97.7 thousand people benefited from the benefit in the form of one hot meal for children and teenagers and one hot meal for kindergarten children a day. people (68.9 thousand households). 2.7 million benefits were awarded with a total value of PLN 26.5 million.

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