A painful assessment of the “exploits” of Poles. The former national team captain did not bite his tongue

A painful assessment of the "exploits" of Poles.  The former national team captain did not bite his tongue

It’s hard not to feel dissatisfied after the Polish national team only won the play-offs for Euro 2024. Former team captain Jacek Bąk believes that Michał Probierz’s current team is significantly inferior to Adam Nawałka’s team. He pointed to specific players.

A 1-1 draw with the Czech Republic was not what all Poles expected from Michał Probierz and his players. The victory in this match left hopes for direct advancement to Euro 2024, and in the current situation, the team still has to play in the play-offs. Despite taking the lead in the 38th minute, just after the start of the second half, the Czechs equalized and this result remained until the end of the match. No wonder the players now have to face a lot of criticism.

The former captain of the national team noticed a problem in Michał Probierz’s philosophy

There are many shortcomings in the Polish national team’s play. First of all, we can complain about the lack of effectiveness in the final phase of offensive actions, which was reflected in the second part of the match against the Czech Republic. Jacek Bąk sees improvement, but still believes that many elements require improvement.

— Dissatisfaction certainly dominates. The entire qualifying round is one big disappointment. I believe in this team, but unfortunately there is still some problem in it. We are still not playing not only with the same eleven, but even with the same defense line. There are always some changes, there is no automaticity or patterns. Besides, we play with a different defense practically every match, said the former captain of the Polish national team in an interview with sportfakty.wp.pl.

Jacek Bąk compared the current team to the previous ones

In the current qualifiers we played eight matches, of which we won only three, lost the same number and drew two. Jacek Bąk claims that the current squad cannot compare to that of Adam Nawałka, and the players do not show the same level. He pointed to specific names.

— It’s very sad, I’m rubbing my eyes and wondering what happened to make it look the way it does, that we no longer play with as much flair as we did under coach Nawałka. On the other hand, some time has passed, and today we do not have the successors of that team, who will join the national team immediately and will play at a high level (…) Today’s team is not any outstanding players. We have to say it straight, we don’t have virtuoso players today. Today, show me someone like Krychowiak when he played for Sevilla. Can you hear? Szymanski? No, they are not that type of players, noted the former national team player.

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