GTA VI creators accused. The criminal recognized himself in the game’s trailer

GTA 6 announced this week?  We have new information

Last week, the GTA VI trailer broke popularity records and entered the Guinness Book. And now it has become the source of a lawsuit against the game’s creators.

We’ll have to wait a little longer for the premiere of GTA VI, and the first trailer of the game broke all popularity records – we found out about this last week, when the first official announcement of the game that fans from all over the world had been waiting for for almost 10 years (i.e. the release of GTA V) took place. ). It turns out that people with a rather dubious reputation are trying to take advantage of the confusion surrounding the game.

“Florida Joker” in the GTA VI trailer

In the GTA VI trailer, one of the frames briefly shows the mysterious figure of a criminal with tattoos on his face. An American claims that he recognized himself in the famous video and is now demanding money from Rockstar in exchange for what he claims is illegal use of his image.

This someone is the so-called “The Joker from Florida”, i.e. a certain Lawrence Sullivan. This man was arrested a few years ago, and thanks to his original appearance, his image broke into the American media. See for yourself who it is.

Can you see the resemblance? In our opinion, Sullivan and the character from the GTA VI trailer only have facial tattoos, but that’s where the list of similarities ends. We are clearly dealing here with an attempt to use for profit purposes the enormous popularity of the first GTA VI trailer, which has already been viewed over 140 million times on YouTube.

The “Joker from Florida” decided to turn to Rockstar in a video published online, in which he accuses the company of illegally using his alleged image and demands two million dollars in compensation. For now, it is not known whether everything will continue in an American court or the case will go quiet over time, but everything indicates that Lawrence Sullivan is just an attempt to gain publicity on a popular topic. There is probably no point in counting on possible compensation.

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