What does Zbigniew Ziobro suffer from? Jacek Ozdoba talks about “serious oncological disease”

What does Zbigniew Ziobro suffer from?  Jacek Ozdoba talks about "serious oncological disease"

Shortly after the sessions of the new Sejm, Zbigniew Ziobro disappeared from public space. The reason is his health condition and cancer. His party colleague spoke on this matter.

Former Minister of Justice, president of Sovereign Poland Zbigniew Ziobro is currently fighting cancer. The leader of the group recently withdrew from public life due to illness. On December 11, 2023, he also did not appear in the Sejm. He explained his absence at that time by his poor health. Recently, Jacek Ozdoba talked about the details of his illness in the afternoon guest of Radio ZET hosted by Beata Lubecka.

What does Zbigniew Ziobro suffer from?

During the interview, Beata Lubecka asked about Zbigniew Ziobro’s health. Her interlocutor emphasized that he was authorized to say this. “Minister Ziobro has a very serious oncological disease,” Jacek Ozdoba began. “It is an issue of the esophagus, he is undergoing very intensive oncological treatment. When I talked to him, he appealed to everyone to take care of their health. At the moment, he is devoted to treatment and family,” the politician added.

The spokesman for Sovereign Poland also spoke about hoarseness, which is one of the symptoms of Zbigniew Ziobro’s illness.

I regret that I have been observing such a scenario for some time, when some journalists make fun of his hoarseness, which often appears at conferences. And it is one of the symptoms of the oncological disease that the minister has.

He also noticed that the cause of hoarseness is clear – it is a symptom that results from problems with the esophagus, which occurs in Zbigniew Ziobro’s case. He also added that the tumor makes it difficult for him to speak. Jacek Ozdoba, however, emphasized that he believed that Zbigniew Ziobro would recover soon: “We hope that the minister will recover as soon as possible. He is undoubtedly a strong player, so I think he will gain strength as soon as he overcomes this disease. I am convinced that it will be so.” When asked by a journalist whether Zbigniew Ziobro was undergoing treatment in Poland or abroad, Paweł Ozdoba replied that he was not authorized to talk about such details, but emphasized that he was well cared for.

Zbigniew Ziobro is struggling with cancer

Already in mid-December 2023, information about Zbigniew Ziobro’s illness began to appear in the media. They concerned the fact that the politician was struggling with cancer. Media reports show that the former prosecutor general and minister of justice in the PiS government required immediate hospitalization. Patryk Jaki took over as party president.

“As we heard from a close associate of the politician, Ziobro is fighting cancer and the prognosis is difficult” – this information was reported by “Super Express” in December last year. “The type of cancer that afflicted Zbigniew Ziobro can develop unnoticed in the body for years and does not produce specific symptoms for a long time that can be accurately interpreted,” said a close associate of the politician, quoted by the website.

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