Czarnek spoke out about the dispute on the right. He said under what circumstances he would leave the camp

Czarnek spoke out about the dispute on the right.  He said under what circumstances he would leave the camp

There is an ongoing dispute between Law and Justice politicians and members of Sovereign Poland. Former Minister of Education and Science Przemysław Czarnek confessed what he would do if there was a real split in the United Right. In certain specific circumstances, he would “leave” the club together with Ziobro's MPs.

The conflict within the club uniting right-wing parties emerged after the publication of a recording of Patryk Jaki's meeting with voters.

The MEP said in the context of the ongoing farmers' protests that “someone signed all this crap in the European Union and is responsible for all this.” He added that “if Morawiecki becomes prime minister again”, the (temporary) SP leader “does not guarantee that it will not be the same” – these words were spoken on March 15 in Pabianice (Łódź Voivodeship). The politician also spoke negatively that day, including: about President Andrzej Duda.

Dispute on the right. What a stab at Mateusz Morawiecki

He reacted to these words, among others: PiS MP Piotr Mueller. “Maybe Patryk has already believed that you have outgrown the president, prime minister and head of state,” he wrote on X. The atmosphere was also heated up by the former head of the Prime Minister's Office, Michał Dworczyk, on RMF FM. – For a long time, some Sovereign Poland politicians – including Patryk Jaki – have been more or less openly criticizing the actions of Law and Justice. If they are so negative about what is happening in our formation and so critical of the management, I wonder what else they are doing in the United Right. It's some kind of parasitic system, he said bitterly.

Jaki commented on Dworczyk's words on the same radio station on the same day. – The dispute itself is very serious, because this case is not about me, Dworczyk or Morawiecki, but about whether the decisions made by the Prime Minister in the European Union were decisions that served Poland, he explained. Will the atmosphere that has recently thickened inside the United Right lead to a split in the club, according to Jaki? – On the contrary. We add credibility to the projects of the United Right, he said.

He then said that the government did not agree to the Green Deal, and Morawiecki made the decision on his own. At the same time, Jaki believes that if SP and PiS politicians were unanimous in everything, they would be part of one group – meaning that some differences in opinions are the norm. The MEP noted that leaving the government “was out of the question, because then it would be worse, and they are rational people.” – We criticize Morawiecki for what he did in the EU – he said at the end.

Czarnek will “go” with Sovereign Poland? Only if the party is expelled from the United Right club

Former minister Czarnek also spoke about the current atmosphere inside the ZP in an interview with – These are heads heated by conventions and elections that are just two and a half weeks away – he said. He added that if someone planned to expel Sovereign Poland from the United Right, he would “go with them.” However, if “someone decides to throw them out”, “if they decide to leave, that's their will,” he added.

Czarnek also referred to the words of Dworczyk and Joachim Brudziński. He appealed to the former to read the entry on Platform

“My dear young colleagues, who have recently become as emotional as school girls and are engaged in idiotic arguments to the delight of the “total” and the media that support them. I have a heartfelt request to you: put your hot heads under a stream of cold water and realize that if we are to return to power and not scandalize our voters, only mutual respect and cooperation of all circles constituting the United Right can protect us from a spectacular defeat,” the MEP noted. .

Brudziński: We won because we were able to be together!

According to Brudziński, there is one recipe for success. “We have worked together in campaigns since 2015 and we won because, despite our differences, we were able to stand together! If your broken berets are not quickly returned to warm heads, say goodbye to the prospect of the right wing returning to power. The rule of the “Tusek hunwejbins” will then also be your co-responsibility,” reads the post published on March 19.

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