GRU Wants to Paralyze Polish Critical Infrastructure. Deputy Prime Minister: Real Threat

Changes in the mObywatel application, more widespread access to the Internet.  The first announcements by the new Minister of Digital Affairs

Krzysztof Gawkowski reported that the Russian intelligence GRU has created groups aimed at spreading disinformation and paralyzing critical infrastructure in Poland. “This is a real threat,” he assessed.

Krzysztof Gawkowski reported that the Russian Main Intelligence Directorate is taking action against Poland. – One of the groups was addressed to spread disinformation, and the other to paralyze some critical infrastructure in the coming weeks and months – said the deputy prime minister on TVN24.

Deputy Prime Minister on Russian GRU attacks

– This is a real threat that we see is getting closer and closer to what would no longer be a cold war, but a warm one, the launch of such an attack that will paralyze something – added the head of the Ministry of Digital Affairs. He emphasized that the actions of Russian services may be aimed at any institutions that use equipment and software susceptible to hacking and takeover, and this may “lead to a critical situation”.

Gawkowski stressed that in the worst case, “the country’s critical infrastructure, such as power plants, water and sewage systems, will stop working.” – We know that the Russians have been making such attempts in the last six months. They are doing it in coordination. On the one hand, this is an attack that is directed at all these critical infrastructures, and on the other, it is disinformation to spread panic, to show that the country is not coping – added the minister.

Tomasz Gawkowski on Russia’s actions

However, the minister assured that Polish cybersecurity services are controlling the situation. – We knew many weeks before the European elections that we were dealing with a large-scale cyberattack by Russia on European Union countries – admitted Gawkowski.

The Deputy Prime Minister emphasized that the meeting with the heads of digitalization and telecommunications from across the continent was devoted to this matter. “We talked openly about the fact that Europe is under attack, and Poland is on the front line, because the most incidents are reported here,” he added.

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