An unusual offer for renting a studio apartment in Warsaw. Toilet in a strange place

An unusual offer for renting a studio apartment in Warsaw.  Toilet in a strange place

Perfect location, clean finishing standard and quite attractive price – this is the offer for renting an apartment in Warsaw’s Targówek. However, the author forgot to mention one very important issue regarding the toilet.

A rather unusual offer appeared on one of the advertising websites regarding the rental of a “studio” in Warsaw’s Targówek district.

Studio apartment for rent

The announcement noted, among other things, the excellent location (the apartment is located near the metro and a bus stop from which the journey to the center takes about 20 minutes), the clean standard of the apartment’s finishing. What is also noteworthy is the quite attractive price – PLN 1,599 per month (lease fee is PLN 1,099 per month, plus PLN 299 for administrative rent and PLN 200 for utilities – water, garbage, electricity).

So what’s wrong? The beginning of the advertisement may raise doubts, the author of which admits that “the room is very small, suitable only for one person who is undemanding.” – Consists of a small room and a bathroom – we read in the announcement.

Later, the author admits that there is no oven, dishwasher or stove. There is a single bed, a small wardrobe, a small desk and a fridge.

What about the washing machine? It is also there, but it is located on the floor outside the apartment, in the laundry room shared by the residents of several apartments.

The toilet seat next to the fridge

But let’s get back to the bathroom issue. The description in the advertisement shows that it is well-equipped, as it has a shower cabin, a washbasin, a mirror, a cabinet and a toilet, which is located… next to the refrigerator. The author of the advertisement does not mention that the bathroom is a separate part of the room, not a separate room.

The announcement caused an avalanche of comments on social media. – They don’t have an ounce of shame – wrote one of the Internet users. – No, this can’t be true. Conditions are worse than in prison and for an amount higher than most scholarships. Sick – we read in another comment.

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