“Parliamentary indiscretions”. Tusk disappointed with his visit to Brussels. Hołownia loses points

Tusk will meet with Von der Leyen today.  Will KPO be unblocked?

Why did PiS not attempt to disrupt the Sejm session? What plan is PO implementing? What are Donald Tusk’s coalition partners busy with? Why was the Prime Minister disappointed with the results of his first visit to Brussels? What development impulse is the head of government counting on? Who lowered their chances for the Polish presidency and who strengthened them? We write about this and other matters in “Parliamentary Indiscretions”.

The United Right is immersed in a deep crisis resulting from the fact that the camp led by Jarosław Kaczyński is unable to do anything to release Mariusz Kamiński and Maciej Wąsik. The most radical MPs encouraged the party president to try to disrupt the Sejm, but Kaczyński turned out to be reluctant to take such actions.

– Kaczyński knows that Poles are not in the mood for quarrels now, which could end in early elections – says our interlocutor familiar with the parliamentary situation.

According to him, this attitude of the PiS authorities is not liked by many MPs who argue: “They will soon start putting us in prison too. And what, then you won’t do anything either?

PiS has no idea how to effectively fight for the support of Poles.

– They should now lie low and wait for the first mistakes of the ruling camp, which are inevitable – says an interlocutor of “Wprost” from a non-parliamentary group.

He adds that there is at least one group in the government that does not have proven staff – this is Poland 2050.

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