Court dispute between Russian giants. Rosneft and Transneft are suing each other

Court dispute between Russian giants.  Rosneft and Transneft are suing each other

Rosneft and Transneft, oil companies that work closely together, calculate the losses incurred because of each other’s mistakes. They concern, among others: events of 2019, when the “Friendship” pipeline had to be shut down for a month. “Kommersant” unofficially determined that there is room for a settlement.

Two Russian raw materials companies exchange accusations in the courtroom. As reported by “Rzeczpospolita” citing the Russian “Kommersant”, Rosneft, a giant operating in the petrochemical industry, demanded compensation from Transfieft, which in turn is responsible for the oil pipeline network, for the losses it suffered due to oil contamination in the “Friendship” pipeline. in 2019

Oil contamination in the “Friendship” pipeline

After recipients in European Union countries found that the oil received from Russia exceeded the maximum permissible amounts of organic chlorine by 20 times, Transneft had to reverse the shipment and collect the contaminated oil. The pipeline was out of use for a month, which could have cost Russia about $5 billion. lost export revenues.

Transneft paid compensation to the affected recipients, including Poland.

Six people were accused of oil contamination, but there are many opinions that the evidence against them was faked, because in fact important people from Rosneft were behind the theft.

Russian corporations file lawsuits against each other

Rosneft demanded that Transfieft cover the losses it incurred due to oil contamination in the Druzhba pipeline, but the first-instance court rejected the lawsuit. The appeal is pending.

In turn, Transneft demanded more than 2 billion rubles from Rosneft in August 2022 for the defendant’s failure to fulfill the terms of the agreement on the transportation and storage of oil “in terms of payment for the services provided by the company.” The case is being considered by the Moscow Arbitration Court.

Matters are being conducted behind closed doors, but “Kommersant” found out that they have agreed to amicable solutions. Rosneft would waive its claims against Transneft in the “Friendship” case, and Transneft would undertake to extend the period in which it would be ready to compensate Rosneft for losses for contaminated oil until the end of May 2025.

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