PKP has a new president. Alan Beroud heads the company

PKP has a new president.  Alan Beroud heads the company

Alan Beroud became the new president of Polish State Railways, after the company's general meeting decided on changes in the management board on Friday. Krzysztof Mamiński, the current president of PKP, was dismissed from this position.

Polish State Railways announced that the company's general meeting made changes to the entire composition of the PKP SA Management Board. In addition to dismissing Krzysztof Mamiński from the position of president, Andrzej Olszewski, Krzysztof Golubiewski, Rafał Zgorzelski and Ireneusz Maślany were also removed from the management board. The new members of the management board were: Alan Beroud, who took over as president of the management board, and Paweł Lisiewicz, Dariusz Grajda and Andrzej Bułczyński, who were appointed members of the management board.

Krzysztof Mamiński canceled

Krzysztof Mamiński held the position of president of PKP since 2017, when his predecessor was dismissed from the position in connection with charges brought by the District Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw against the president and members of the management board of PKP SA regarding criminal mismanagement and unintentional causing great damage.

The case concerned the protection of World Youth Day. On the eve of the event, PKP was to commission a non-existent company to conduct anti-terrorist training, the cost of which was PLN 1.9 million.

Who is Alan Beroud?

The company emphasized in the announcement that Beroud is a manager with many years of experience, including in the railway industry. As president of the management board of SKK Kolej Miejska, he was responsible for the implementation of the largest investment project in the company's history, which included expanding the rolling stock with 21 new vehicles worth PLN 668 million.

Additionally, Beroud has extensive experience in managing projects of strategic importance for the country, such as the construction of an LNG terminal, underground gas storage facilities in Wierzchowice and an oil and natural gas mine in Lubiatowo. Trading companies in the construction and construction industry were also part of his management portfolio.

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