Civil servants and uniformed services will not receive raises. Storm after the publication of “DGP”

Civil servants and uniformed services will not receive raises.  Storm after the publication of "DGP"

“DGP” obtained government documents that show that employees of the budget sector in Poland cannot count on a real increase in the value of their salaries in 2025. The publication sparked fury among trade unions.

Poland is struggling with high inflation, which drastically reduces the value of wages, and rising prices of food, energy and housing deepen the financial difficulties of Poles. Employees in the public sector have been demanding pay increases for many years, but everything indicates that in the near future they will face not an increase, but a decrease in the real value of their salaries.

“DGP”: There will be no increases for the public sector

In 2025, officials and uniformed services will be able to count on a salary increase of only 4.1%, which in practice means equalization with the forecasted inflation at the same level. De facto, this will translate into a decline in the real value of their salaries. Such information is contained in a document of the Minister of Finance sent to members of the government, obtained by “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”.

The reactions of trade unions leave no doubt. Representatives of these organizations are furious because their demands were three times higher. They demand explanations from the government and announce protests. In their opinion, public sector employees are already struggling with financial problems, and inflation only deepens these difficulties.

The government has not yet issued an official statement regarding the documents disclosed by “DGP”. The Minister of Finance is expected to continue intensive talks to find a solution to this problem, but there are many indications that the country's difficult budget situation may limit the possibility of larger increases.

Ministry under pressure

According to the regulations, the government is obliged to submit a proposal of average annual wage growth rates in the state budget for the next year by June 15. This proposal should be presented to the Council for Social Dialogue and national organizations of trade unions associating public sector employees. The aim of this activity is to enable RDS and trade unionists to express their opinion on the proposed indicators.

The publication of “DGP” caused a storm in the media. Experts emphasize that balancing the state budget is necessary, but the lack of real increases may negatively affect the economy. Reducing purchasing power may result in a decline in consumption, which will ultimately affect the pace of economic growth. Budget employees and trade unions do not intend to wait idly and announce further actions to defend their interests.

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