Can I join the NFZ insurance at any time? You will avoid huge costs

Can I join the NFZ insurance at any time?  You will avoid huge costs

When can I join health insurance? Can it be done anytime? The rules that apply may not be clear to everyone, which is why the National Health Fund translates the current regulations.

Voluntary health insurance can be used by people who do not pay mandatory contributions, for example as a result of taking up work under a contract for specific work, but also foreigners who live in Poland and stay here, e.g. on the basis of a temporary or permanent residence permit. This can also be done by people who are already entitled to compulsory insurance, e.g. a spouse of a person who pays the health insurance premium. Such voluntary health insurance will allow you to avoid huge costs during emergencies, when it will be necessary to use medical care.

When can I join health insurance?

For various reasons, some people are not covered by the health insurance system. Then you can join it yourself. In the issued communication, the National Health Fund reminded that you can do it anytime. However, it should be remembered that such insurance will not cover events that have already taken place. “Importantly, the contract with the National Health Fund cannot be concluded retrospectively. The right to health care services is due not earlier than from the date of submission of the application. Information on contributions can be obtained from the free NFZ helpline 800-190-590.

How to join voluntary insurance?

In order to join such voluntary health insurance, an appropriate application must be submitted together with a declaration. Such a form can be found on the website, in the “Dla Patient” tab. The following documents must be attached to the application:

  • documents confirming the previous insurance period (will not be required if these periods are shown in the electronic Central List of Insureds kept by the National Health Fund),

  • completed form ZUS ZZA and ZUS ZCNA (in case of applying for insurance of family members),

  • confirmation of payment of the additional fee (if required).

Why is it worth joining voluntary health insurance?

“If we do not have health insurance in the event of sudden random events, such as illness or accident, we will have to pay for the medical assistance provided out of our own pocket,” reads the message published by the National Health Fund. The National Health Fund also announced that, for example, a patient may pay over PLN 29,000 for the treatment of acute circulatory failure. PLN, the treatment of a medium burn with a surgical procedure costs about PLN 64,000. PLN, and gallbladder removal will cost at least PLN 6,000. The costs are really high, but joining the voluntary health insurance will help you avoid them.

“That is why it is worth applying for voluntary health insurance. By voluntarily insuring yourself and your family members, you gain full access to health care services financed from public funds. We do not incur any additional costs for treatment or specialist examinations. What’s more, thanks to voluntary insurance, we have the right to the European Health Insurance Card” – informed the spokeswoman of the National Health Fund, Beata Kopczyńska.

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