Blanka Lipińska underwent breast surgery. Now he appeals to women: “Check your boobs”

Blanka Lipińska underwent breast surgery.  Now he appeals to women: "Check your boobs"

Blanka Lipińska eagerly shares details about her life with her followers. She recently admitted that she had to undergo breast surgery. She also made an important appeal to all women.

Blanka Lipińska uses the benefits of aesthetic medicine and does not hide it. A few years ago she decided to have her breasts enlarged. The implants caused some complications, which forced the author of one of the most famous Polish erotic novels to undergo surgery. “I had a really rough night and no, it wasn't related to the full moon. I simply had a procedure under anesthesia. (…) To dispel any doubts that will surely arise, yes, I underwent breast surgery because I had to replace the implants,” she admitted in one of the stories published on Instagram.

Complications after breast enlargement surgery

Later in her statement, Blanka Lipińska emphasized that this was her third implant-related procedure. In 2015, she underwent breast enlargement surgery using anatomical implants that look like a natural mammary gland. They have the shape of an elongated teardrop. Their implantation gives a more natural effect. However, the procedure carries some serious risks. It is about rotation of the implant, i.e. changing its original position. This complication forced the author of the erotic trilogy to undergo another procedure. Her left implant had moved. It had to be removed and replaced with another – this time round – model.

Blanka Lipińska has an important appeal to women

Blanka Lipińska decided to tell her story to draw attention to one very important problem. Many women who decide to undergo breast enlargement surgery stop examining it. Meanwhile, artificial breasts should be cared for in the same way as natural ones. “Check your tits. I've had implants for 10 years and I started seriously examining them – it's a shame – four years ago. And this was also because of a situation when I thought the implant was damaged. If you feel scared, go to the doctor for an ultrasound,” she emphasized in the shared report. She emphasized that the examination should be performed in consultation with an aesthetic medicine specialist who has experience in implanting implants and knows what they should look like.

My dears, remember to have an ultrasound at least once a year with a specialist who knows about implants. If anything bothers you, any stinging, any pain. If your breast looks different than it should, remember, your plastic surgeon must have performed thousands of such surgeries. He just looks at those tits and immediately knows what's wrong with them. Let's take care of natural breasts, let's take care of artificial ones (editor's note) – she appealed.

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