Where to seek medical help during Easter? This knowledge can be very useful

Where to seek medical help during Easter?  This knowledge can be very useful

Even during Easter, we may need medical help, e.g. if we have a fever or severe abdominal pain. Find out where to look for it when primary care clinics are closed.

Although Easter is a time of joy and spending time with loved ones, some people may also need medical support when sudden health problems arise. What to do if we or our loved ones feel unwell during this time? Shops, restaurants and all kinds of services are closed, but what about medical care? We explain where to go when the Primary Health Care clinic is closed due to holidays.

Where to go to the doctor on Easter?

If you suffer from stomach pain, cold or fever during Easter, you can also see a doctor. You should take advantage of night and holiday health care. It operates on similar principles to Primary Health Care (POZ). The doctor on duty will provide assistance to the patient in an outpatient setting, by phone, and, if justified, at the place of residence or stay. The situation is similar in the case of providing medical services by a nurse.

How to get medical help during Easter?

Night and holiday health care facilities are open from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. the next morning, Monday to Friday, and 24 hours a day on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. To get help at such a time, you should go to any night and holiday health care facility closest to your place of residence or stay. You can use a special map of night and holiday health care, then you will easily find such clinics in your city.

The patient does not need to book an appointment and does not need a special referral. Every person who needs it and has insurance under the National Health Fund will receive help. Both medical advice and a nursing procedure, such as an injection, may then be provided. The doctor may also issue a sick leave, if there are grounds for this, as well as a prescription for the necessary medications. During such a visit, however, the patient cannot obtain a prescription for medications that he constantly takes due to his chronic disease. This type of follow-up visit will also not be possible due to the previously initiated treatment.

Who can use a doctor's help on holidays?

Such medical assistance as part of night and holiday health care is provided in situations sudden illness or deterioration of health (when there are no symptoms that would suggest a direct threat to life). It is also a suitable solution when home remedies or over-the-counter medications have not brought the expected improvement. Patients who may also benefit from such care the symptoms of a chronic disease worsened.

On the other hand in a situation of threat to health or life emergency rooms and hospital emergency departments (EDs) provide assistance. You can also call the emergency medical team by dialing 999 or 112.

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