CYBEX Anoris T2 i-Size car seat – up to 50 percent. more security

CYBEX Anoris T2 i-Size car seat – up to 50 percent.  more security

CYBEX launches the successor to the safest car seat of all time

Is there anything better than a “very good” rating when it comes to the design, safety and functionality of car seats? CYBEX, a leading manufacturer in the field of child safety, says yes. After we launched the first car seat with an integrated airbag that protects the child's entire body in 2021, which then became the winner of the ADAC test with an unprecedented overall rating of 1.5 “very good”, we felt hugely motivated to further develop the innovation of our products .

Result: Anoris T2 i-Size!

Child transport safety: an airbag-powered future

Like the previous model, the new Anoris T2 i-Size provides children with comprehensive safety at every stage of the journey. “Airbags have been protecting adult road users in vehicles for decades. They have become essential safety elements, which makes buying a car without them practically impossible today,” emphasizes Martin Pos, founder of CYBEX. “It was therefore a logical step for us to develop a suitable full-body airbag that would ensure maximum safety in the car also for children, especially since research on the safety of child seats shows that about 80 percent¹ of parents allow their children to travel forward-facing already below two years of age, which reduces their safety by approximately 50%.

Security that lasts longer

“At CYBEX, we are not afraid to question the status quo, even if we set the standards ourselves,” emphasizes Martin Pos. Therefore, the new Anoris T2 i-Size provides comprehensive protection for children aged over 15 months to 7 years, traveling forward-facing. Advantage? Your little ones can use the seat for three years longer than most standard non-airbag car seats and one year longer than the previous model.

Freedom of movement and extra legroom

In addition to the safety aspect, the Anoris T2 i-Size also scores high in terms of intelligent, ergonomic design. The model has a compact one-click torso cover, smaller than the previous model. The child does not feel the weight of the torso protector because it is held in place by the spacer. As a result, the new model guarantees a higher level of comfort and makes it easier to get in and out of the seat.

More information:

Founded by Martin Pos in 2005, the CYBEX brand offers a wide range of products aimed at providing modern families with safer and more convenient solutions that they can incorporate into their lifestyle. All products created by the German company are fully compliant with the guiding principle of CYBEX DSF (Design. Safety. Functionality), which represents a unique combination of outstanding design, the highest safety standards and intelligent functionality – the basis of everyday life “For all tomorrow's people”.

1 Child Seat Safety Ltd, United Kingdom: 2013-2023, date of approx. 10,000 child and seat usage

2 Compared to a forward-facing car seat in a frontal collision. Internal test results according to ADAC 2023 frontal crash test criteria.

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