My home remedies to speed up digestion. These patents will act like a broom for your intestines

My home remedies to speed up digestion.  These patents will act like a broom for your intestines

Delicious dishes are an integral part of Easter. Sometimes, however, we lack moderation in eating them. We explain what to do if you overeat during the holidays and what home products are best to use.

There are countless delicacies on the Easter table. This, in turn, causes a tendency to overeat during this holiday time, which in turn may lead to unpleasant stomach sensations and a feeling of heaviness, but also to heartburn, flatulence and nausea. It is worth remembering moderation to avoid these unpleasant feelings. But what if you feel that you have overdone it with too much Easter cake, eggs or delicious pork loin? Then, as a rescue, you can use home remedies to speed up digestion.

Home remedies to speed up your metabolism

After the “holiday gluttony”, you can help yourself with medicines from the pharmacy that increase the secretion of bile, relieve flatulence and help with indigestion. However, you can also choose natural methods that will speed up your digestion. One of them is a solution that our grandmothers always recommended, which is drinking strong black tea. It is recommended to drink it after heavy and fatty meals, so it is perfect after Easter, which is full of such dishes in most Polish homes. Your metabolism will also help speed up drinking coffee, which contains caffeine, which stimulates the digestive system to secrete norepinephrine, which in turn speeds up your metabolism. Other digestive teas will also help you.

Another ingredient worth using in case of indigestion is ginger – it reduces unpleasant symptoms. You can make a ginger tea or eat a few pieces of candied ginger after a meal. An infusion of peppermint or common chamomile, dill or marjoram will also work well. Cumin seeds also have a beneficial effect in this matter. Few people know that eating a banana will also work well – it is rich in dietary fiber, which will provide relief in the event of constipation or flatulence. After a heavy meal, you can also drink a drink prepared from half a glass of water and a teaspoon of apple wine vinegar (to make it tastier, you can also add a little honey). Dried fruit compote will also help – preferably when warm.

What to do to feel lighter after overeating on Easter?

After indulging in food after the holidays, drinking water will also help. This method is downright trivial, so we often forget about it. You should drink it in small sips and take breaks of several minutes. Remember that drinking a large amount of water at once will have a completely opposite effect than what you want to achieve. After a hearty meal, it is also worth taking some time to rest. Later, however, it is worth going for a walk, because it will relieve the feeling of heaviness – a bit of exercise is extremely helpful in speeding up the digestive processes.

Also remember to avoid eating hard-to-digest foods and drinking cold drinks, as this may worsen unpleasant symptoms (also avoid drinking carbonated drinks). It is also extremely important to return to a healthy and rational diet as soon as possible after overeating during the holidays. Also learn 5 other methods for bloating – they will help you when you feel that your belly is swollen.

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