400 thousand PLN for a church near the potential airport in Baranów. The donor is CPK

CPK donated PLN 400,000.  PLN for the renovation of the church altars.  A company spokesman explains

The Centralny Port Komunikacyjny company donated PLN 400,000 to the parish in Wiskitki. PLN for the renovation of altars. The donation is surprising, because the task of CPK is not to save monuments – regardless of the fact that the church is located next to an airport that may never be built.

We have written many times that the future of the Central Communication Port is in doubt. It is not known whether plans to build a large airport in Baranów near Warsaw will be continued; perhaps the new government will only decide to expand high-speed railways. Decisions will be made after the audit. Although politicians had already announced it during the election campaign, the selection of auditors has not been announced yet. So we don’t know when we can expect it to start, let alone the results.

CPK donated PLN 400,000 to the parish. zloty

The Centralny Port Komunikacyjny company, which coordinates and carries out all tasks related to the construction of the airport and railway, continues to operate. It turns out that it takes actions not only directly related to these investments. Parish of St. Stanisław BM. in Wiskitki (a town located several kilometers from Baranów, where the airport is to be built) announced that it had received a donation from the CPK company intended to finance the renovation of several side altars

“It is with great satisfaction that I inform the faithful of the parish of St. Saint Stanisław BM. in Wiskitki, that the Centralny Port Komunikacyjny company based in Warsaw donated an amount of PLN 400,000 for religious purposes to finance the renovation of three side altars (Altar of the Holy Cross, Altar of Adoration of the Holy Trinity by All Saints and Our Lady of the Rosary), located in the church in Wiskitki. This renovation is 100% sponsored by funds from the CPK company,” the parish announced today on social media.

We asked the CPK press office on what basis it allocated public funds for the renovation of the church and whether it was the only donation of this type. The renovation of altars is not one of the statutory goals of the CPK company. We are waiting for your comment.

Church in Wiskitki

On the website of the Łowicz Diocese we read that the first mention of the town appeared in historical sources in 1221, when Prince Konrad of Mazowiecki issued a deed of donation of the village of Koskowo to the Czerwiński monastery in Wiskitki. In 1595, King Sigismund III granted Wiskitki town rights. In the years 1572-1585 a new church. Saint Stanisław Bishop was built by the then parish priest, Fr. Wawrzyniec Goślicki. In 1603, as the bishop of Poznań, he visited the temple. “He must have been very disappointed with the sight he saw, because her condition was deplorable. The roof was leaking, and the only brick floor was in the presbytery. There was a Maciejowski chapel next to the church, unfinished in 1603, which was built by Jadwiga Maciejowska, Voivode of Lublin, and was buried here,” we read in the description.

After 1603, the church was partially burned down. The temple was rebuilt by the then parish priest, Fr. Jan Raciborski.

The parish church was destroyed and rebuilt many times in the following centuries. In the years 1881-1896, the temple was completely rebuilt.

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