Siemoniak reacts to the reports of “Wprost”. “A decision that benefits Poland”

Siemoniak reacts to the reports of "Wprost".  "A decision that benefits Poland"

According to our findings, Radosław Sikorski is to say goodbye to the European Parliament and return to national politics as the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Tomasz Siemoniak commented on these reports in Radio Zet.

According to the findings of “Wprost”, Radosław Sikorski is to return to national politics. The current MEP from the Civic Coalition is to become Minister of Foreign Affairs in Donald Tusk’s government. Tomasz Siemoniak talked about a possible nomination for the politician on Radio Zet.

Tomasz Siemoniak praises Radosław Sikorski

– We worked together for 4 years. He was the Minister of Foreign Affairs, I was the Minister of Defense. He was one of the best foreign ministers after the 1990s, said the former head of the Ministry of National Defense. Tomasz Siemoniak spoke exceptionally warmly about Radosław Sikorski. – He is known among European and American politicians. Certainly, if such a decision was made, it would be beneficial for Poland, he said.

At the same time, the former Minister of National Defense emphasized that the decision on filling positions in the government rests with Donald Tusk and other coalition leaders. – I don’t want to anticipate the facts. I value him very highly, it would be great if he could be in the new government, but it is not my decision – emphasized the KO politician.

“We need a killer as minister”

Our findings show that the rivals for the position of head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were Paweł Kowal and Katarzyna Pełczyńska-Nałęcz. – Paweł Kowal was deputy minister of foreign affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during the PiS government. Moreover, he does not know English very well – explained the Civic Platform politician. And he expressed his opinion to Katarzyna Pałczyńska-Nałęcz. – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is more afraid of her nomination than of Sikorski. There are rumors that she is despotic. She doesn’t compromise and is difficult to work with, our interlocutor emphasized.

– Radosław Sikorski is a sure bet to be the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We need a killer as Minister of Foreign Affairs to clash with Andrzej Duda. Foreign policy will again be the main competence of the government, not the president, argued our informant from the Civic Platform.

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