An MP from Solidarna Polska released a deepfake. The spot generated the voice of Tusk and criminals

An MP from Solidarna Polska released a deepfake.  The spot generated the voice of Tusk and criminals

Another spot created using artificial intelligence appeared during the election campaign. It features the generated voices of criminals compared to the generated voice of Donald Tusk. This time the material was published by Solidarna Polska MP Piotr Sak.

“What connects Jerzy Kalibabka ps. Tulip, Simon Leviev, “The Tinder Cheater” and Donald Tusk? Find out who is the biggest cheater! – Piotr Sak announced the spot on the X platform.

An MP from Solidarna Polska created a deepfake

“Hi, my name is Julian Jerzy Kalibabka and I am a criminal seducer who has exploited thousands of women. And I am Simon Leviev and I became famous for internet and marriage frauds, and I was convicted of theft, forgery and fraud,” the generated voice of the criminals can be heard in the material.

Then a caricatured, moving graphic with the likeness of Donald Tusk appears and the inscription “pfff”… “I am Donald Tusk and I differ from my predecessors in that I have deceived millions of Poles” – the voice of the chairman of the Civic Platform can be heard generated by artificial intelligence.

The material does not indicate that these are AI-generated voices and not real statements. Such information was only included in the MP’s entry on the X platform, along with the note that “the material is of a satirical nature.”

Artificial intelligence as a tool in election campaigns

Technology journalists point out that the MP released a deepfake and warn against irresponsible use of artificial intelligence during the election campaign.

“An MP, a lawyer… he just had to publish a deep fake. Of course, without any markings,” wrote journalist Sylwia Czubkowska. “Yes, I know who was first (I also emphasized that it was evil) and I know that Tusk is only being graphic here, but truly AI in election campaigns is not a toy,” she warned.

“This time a very primitive use of AI by a politician. An example for those who wrote that “PO only provided the voice in the spot”. And unfortunately, I bet that this is just the beginning,” commented Nikola Bochyńska from the “CyberDefence24” website. “I hope that the Platform is proud of itself that it already has followers in the matter of voice fakes (Donald Tusk here)?” – asked Jakub Wątor from “Spider’s Web”.

PO paved the way

Last week, the Civic Platform released a spot using the voice of Mateusz Morawiecki, generated using generative artificial intelligence. The material also did not indicate that these were not the words actually spoken by the Prime Minister.

Earlier, material with the generated voice of Orlen’s president, Daniel Obajtek, was also published.

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