After energy with proof. Sellers at risk of high fines

After energy with proof.  Sellers at risk of high fines

Young-looking customers who want to buy energy drinks will have to be asked to see their ID by sellers. From January 1, selling them to children and teenagers will be a crime, and the seller will have to take into account a financial penalty.

It has been known for a long time that drinks containing taurine and caffeine can be addictive, although it is worth adding that the mechanism of this addiction is less researched than that of caffeine or alcohol addiction.

– There may be substances that, although in a single dose are in trace amounts and are not important, if taken frequently, can accumulate in the body or cause long-term effects – said a specialist from the Medical University of Lublin, Dr. Hab., in an interview with Puls Medycyny. Paweł Krukow.

Ban on selling energy drinks to children and teenagers

Last year, a parliamentary draft amendment to the Public Health Act was submitted to the Sejm, introducing a ban on the sale of drinks with taurine and caffeine (so-called energy drinks) to persons under 18 years of age, as well as a ban on the sale of such drinks in schools and other educational institutions and in vending machines. The original draft of the regulations also included a ban on their advertising, including: on TV at 6.00-20.00. On January 1, this ban came into force. However, this was not adopted, but packaging labeling obligations were added. The manufacturer or importer of a drink with added caffeine or taurine must label each package with visible, legible and indelibly and permanently placed information stating “Energy drink” or “Energy drink”.

The regulations specify that these are products containing caffeine in a proportion exceeding 150 mg/l or taurine, excluding substances occurring naturally in them.

Sellers who, despite everything, sell energy drinks to children or teenagers must expect a fine of up to PLN 2,000. zloty. Moreover, for selling energy drinks to a minor, the court will be able to order the forfeiture of drinks with added caffeine or taurine, even if they were not the perpetrator’s property.

Manufacturers or importers who do not label energy drinks appropriately must also face penalties. – Who produces or imports drinks with added caffeine or taurine, in unit packages that do not meet the requirements referred to in Art. 12n, is subject to a fine of up to PLN 200,000. PLN or a penalty of restriction of liberty, or both penalties jointly – results from the regulations.

One energy drink contains as much caffeine as two cups of coffee

Dr. Krukow reminded that one energy drink contains as much caffeine as two cups of coffee

– If young people drink a lot of energy drinks, it is addictive. It should be remembered that the susceptibility of a teenager’s brain to potentially threatening, addictive factors is much greater than in a person whose nervous system is already formed – he added.

During developmental age, the nervous system undergoes a wide range of changes and remodeling of activity. Then abusing any substance can be harmful.

– We wouldn’t recommend a 15-year-old drink 2-3 espressos a day. And a can of the popular energy drink contains as much caffeine as two cups of strong black coffee. Plus usually a lot of sugar and other ingredients that are not found in coffee – compared the scientist.

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