Attention players. Ubisoft wipes accounts – this is how you can prevent it

Attention players.  Ubisoft wipes accounts - this is how you can prevent it

Ubisoft may terminate user accounts on its gaming platform. The company doesn’t care if the profile is empty or if it has purchased games – it just deletes it. Here’s how to protect yourself from a nasty surprise.

One of the Internet users pointed out that he almost lost his Ubisoft account. The company planned to delete it because it was inactive. Why is this happening?

Ubisoft can delete your game account – here’s what you need to do

Twitter user AntiDRM (@PC_enjoyer) is sounding the alarm. As he reported, he received an official e-mail from Ubisoft, in which the company informs him that it intends to delete the user’s account. First, it was suspended, and now it is on the list for cassation.

“Ubisoft is closing your account if you haven’t logged in for a while. You will lose all the games you bought from their store,” warns AntiDRM. In fact, one of the company’s privacy policy points to such a process. However, hardly anyone reads these types of documents thoroughly.

The entry apparently worked, because the official Ubisoft account replied to it soon after. The company in its own message confirms the authenticity of the e-mail to AntiDRM and specifies the steps that players should take.

How to stop deleting your Ubisoft account – you need to log in

The first character is the email above. In it, the company informs about the suspension of the account for 30 days. After this period, it will be deleted. If we want to keep our profile and the games associated with it, we must click on the link in the email provided. It’s a button called “Cancel Account Closure”.

Such confirmation is to be enough for the company to remove us from the list of accounts waiting for deletion. At the same time, Ubisoft representatives remind you that if we have lost access to the e-mail, we should contact the company by opening the so-called. support ticket. “Of course, we don’t want you to lose access to your games and account,” the company assures.

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