The video game industry in 2023: a surprising number of layoffs

The video game industry in 2023: a surprising number of layoffs

Unfortunately, 2023 was marked by a large number of layoffs. How many people said goodbye to their jobs?

Reduction of jobs is a phenomenon to which we have become naturally accustomed in the context of virtually every large and small industry. However, there are industries that have accustomed us to hiring rather than firing more often. This trend was negatively reversed in 2023, among others. in the case of the video game industry.

They are laying off small and large companies

It turns out that in the past year, a large number of layoffs occurred both in the case of large studios producing games on a mass scale, and small development studios, which are often referred to as independent.

It is estimated that in total, approximately 9,000 employees associated with the computer games industry lost their jobs in 2023. The most common companies that were laid off were Unity, ByteDance, Embracer Group, Epic Games, Ubisoft (in this case, significant job cuts affected the Polish market), Blizzard Entertainment, Naughty Dog, Team17, Electronic Arts and Striking Distance.

In 2023, CD Projekt Red was also released

Among the companies with Polish accents on the list of the most common layoffs in 2023, we should also mention CD Projekt Red, producers of our leading gaming exports, such as the Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077 brands.

What is the reason for layoffs in the gaming industry?

According to industry analysts, computer games are an industry in which a noticeable wave of layoffs has started to occur only in the last 18 months. Previously, the opposite trend prevailed.

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