Attempts to interfere in elections in Poland? There is a comment from the Office of the President

Manfred Weber replied to the Polish Prime Minister.  It's a call to debate

The head of the International Policy Office, Marcin Przydacz, said that President Andrzej Duda is concerned about “attempts by foreign politicians to influence the electoral processes in Poland.”

This week, a statement by the head of the European People’s Party about Poland in an interview for ZDF television aroused great controversy.

“Every party must want to help shape Europe, not overthrow it, and must respect the rule of law. Those who do not adhere to this – such as the AfD, Rassemblement National Le Pen in France or the Polish PiS party – are our opponents, with whom we will fight – emphasized Manfred Weber. The head of the government reacted to these words, saying that it was an open attempt by Germany to interfere in the parliamentary elections.

Weber spoke of “combating PiS”. “Poland has a longer tradition of democracy”

Marcin Przydacz, head of the Bureau of International Policy, also referred to Weber’s statement.

– Of course, the President is very concerned about attempts by foreign politicians to influence the electoral processes in Poland. Poland is a democratic state, by the way, it has a much longer tradition of democracy than Germany, Przydacz told TVP Info.

Earlier, the head of the Polish government invited Weber to a televised debate on October 2, which would concern migration policy, social and economic issues. In his letter, he wrote that “Poland does not need lessons in democracy.”

However, Weber’s associates, in a statement sent to Politico, rejected the possibility of a debate. They reported that the leader of the European People’s Party did not accept the invitation to this media event. “No, we’re not totally involved,” they said, without adding a longer translation.

Manfred Weber, who put PiS in line with the German AfD and Marine Le Pen’s party in France, previously accused Jarosław Kaczyński’s party of systematically attacking the state and free media. Already in June, he said that the EPP was the only force capable of leading Poland “back to Europe”.

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