Artificial intelligence in the bank. “Needed to ensure cybersecurity”

Artificial intelligence in the bank.  "Needed to ensure cybersecurity"

Banks are increasingly willing to use solutions based on artificial intelligence, and the branch in which they are most needed is cybersecurity – said Magdalena Zmitrowicz, vice-president of Pekao SA, in an interview for

Solutions based on artificial intelligence are increasingly used by companies from various sectors, including banks. – We use chatbots and voicebots, but in the bank AI is most needed for cybersecurity. Just as banks were once robbed by ordinary thieves, today we have to deal with cyberattacks. And not only us, as banks, because no one can break into our servers, but they can rob our customers. Today, customers can be deceived in various ways, even by using their face or voice, our role is to educate customers. This is a key moment of digital transformation, said Magdalena Zmitrowicz.


As Magdalena Zmitrowicz says, artificial intelligence in cybersecurity is used, among others, to analyze huge amounts of data.

– We use artificial intelligence primarily to process data that comes from conversations with customers. It is easier for us to listen to thousands of conversations and spot errors, said the vice-president of Pekao SA in an interview for

Magdalena Zmitrowicz also spoke about the use of new technologies to protect customers against attacks, including those carried out using artificial intelligence, during a discussion panel organized as part of the Impact'24 congress.

– You are all bank customers. Don't be upset with us for doing the first, second or third level of authorization. We do this for your safety, so that you feel safe at the bank. This is a priority for us, she appealed from the stage.

Banking education

The Vice-President of Pekao SA also drew attention to the role that the banking sector plays in educating users in the field of new technologies.

– We need to educate so that the customer can verify himself and distinguish who is calling him. Customer habits are very important to us. AI helps us with this when we need to check whether we are calling customers correctly and analyze all data. Without this technology, we would not be able to do it so quickly and accurately, she said.

Mathematical models still work

As Magdalena Zmitrowicz says, although solutions based on artificial intelligence are being implemented in an increasing number of banking processes, mathematical models that have been used for years will not go out of use any time soon.

– Nobody talks about the fact that AI is very expensive and consumes a lot of electricity. In many of our processes, we still use mathematical models that still work, are verifiable, and thanks to them we can detect many errors and correct them – says the vice-president of Pekao SA

– I think that AI will find its place in credit processes, but only partially for now. In AML, in checking credibility, data, wherever it will help save the time and creativity of our employees. We end the meeting, the AI ​​summarizes it and takes notes. This gives us time for new ideas and new opportunities, she added.

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