8 speech therapy problems you have no idea about. “Dyslexia is not only difficulty with reading”

8 speech therapy problems you have no idea about.  "Dyslexia is not only difficulty with reading"

Speech therapy is a field dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of various communication disorders. Although many people may associate it mainly with working on speech defects in children, there are many other speech therapy problems that may affect the development of speech and communication.

Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)

An often overlooked aspect in the field of speech therapy is the difficulty associated with sound processing. People with auditory processing disorders may have difficulty distinguishing speech sounds, which affects the development of reading, writing and understanding spoken content.

An example is a 7-year-old boy whose parents reported a problem with learning to read and write. The problem was auditory processing disorder. Auditory function therapy tailored to the boy's needs not only helped in effective learning, but also increased his level of concentration.

Aphasia – problems with understanding and transmitting speech

Aphasia is a language disorder that can affect both children and adults. It may manifest itself in difficulties in understanding speech, problems in formulating sentences and difficulties in expressing thoughts.

Aphasia may affect people who, as a result of an accident or stroke, lose their previous abilities.

They forget words, have trouble creating sentences, say strings of words that have no meaning, and even do not understand the messages addressed to them.

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