ChatGPT creator fired. Three Poles leave with him

ChatGPT has stopped working.  The authors suspect a hacker attack

OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, loses not only its founder and president, but also part of its staff, including three Polish engineers.

New details are coming to light about a highly unexpected move at the heart of the artificial intelligence development market. OpenAI, the creator of the ChatGPT chatbot, has carried out large layoffs.

Sam Altman leaves OpenAI

On November 17, OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, announced that Sam Altman would no longer be its CEO. The information that was shocking to the market had an even more shocking justification. In a statement issued by the company we read that “the separation from Mr. Altman follows a detailed review of processes by the supervisory board, which showed that he was not honest in his communications with the supervisory board”.

Members of OpenAI’s supervisory board also admitted in a statement that due to the results of the audit, the board is no longer confident in Sam Altman’s ability to continue to lead the company. Technology director Mira Murati became acting president. She will hold this position until the new president is officially elected.

Poles leave with Altman

More and more details of the “coup” at OpenAI are reaching the media. It turns out that not only its founder and president ended cooperation with the company, but also some of the engineers. There are Poles among them.

During a recent visit to the University of Warsaw, Sam Altman praised Polish engineers. He said that in the first stage of the company’s operation, out of 50 people employed, as many as 10 of them were Poles. – I don’t know what Poland is doing to reach this level, but their influence is truly amazing – he said then.

It turns out that three Poles also became victims of the revolution in the company. Jakub Pachocki, who was OpenAI’s research director, Aleksander Mądry, who headed the team for assessing threats related to artificial intelligence, and Szymon Sidor, who had been working in the company for seven years, were to say goodbye to OpenAI.

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