Apple is silent about the iPhone 15 Pro problem. The phone is getting warm

Apple is silent about the iPhone 15 Pro problem.  The phone is getting warm

Apple seems to be ignoring heating issues with the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. More and more users warn about high phone temperatures, and the manufacturer remains silent.

After the great premiere of this year’s smartphones, more and more people are buying and starting to use new phones from Apple. However, new owners of iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max are not entirely satisfied. Many of them report high phone temperatures.

iPhone 15 Pro heats up – Apple does not respond

Reviewers of the iPhone 15 Pro line have already drawn attention to the fact that during normal use, the equipment can heat up so much that holding the phone in your hand or pocket is no longer comfortable. At that time, however, it was hoped that early versions of the equipment were given to experts for testing and that Apple would correct the problem in devices heading to stores.

Apparently that didn’t happen, as wave after wave of buyers point out the excessive temperature of the 15 Pro and Pro Max versions. Social media and hobby websites were flooded with new reports. So the problem is quite widespread.

The temperature is said to rise especially during phone calls and video calls in the FaceTime application, while others have problems after just 10 minutes of browsing Instagram. One of the buyers even measured the surface of the phone with a precise thermometer and obtained 108 degrees Fahrenheit, or just over 42 degrees C. Shortly thereafter, he achieved another record – during normal use, he heated the phone to 116 degrees Fahrenheit, or nearly 47 degrees C.

Another problem is charging, especially wired charging. Paradoxically, the heating level is higher… if no applications are running in the background. In this case, temperatures of up to 40.6 degrees Celsius are reported.

Why does iPhone 15 heat up? Apple seems to be ignoring the problem

So far, Apple has still not commented on the whole matter, which only deepens the curiosity of the media and ordinary users. Customer service reps refer concerned buyers to old self-help sites that provide very general advice. Currently, the causes of the problem are only speculation.

iPhone 15 Pro uses the brand new A17 Pro chip – the first made in 3nm technology. Could the new SoC be the source of the problem? Renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests not. In his opinion, the issue is due to “compromises in the cooling system that were made to achieve a lower weight of the phone.”

At the same time, the company also updated iPhone systems to iOS 17. Interestingly, even users of older smartphone models report slightly higher temperatures after updating their device to the new system. So the problem may be on the software side.

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