Elon Musk released an AI chatbot. Grok “loves sarcasm”

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Elon Musk introduced the Grok AI chatbot on X. As the billionaire praises, the new function is sarcastic and will answer more questions compared to ChatGPT or Bard AI.

Elon Musk is having fun on X again. This time it’s about the AI ​​chatbot introduced there. Grok is supposed to enjoy irony and be more relaxed than his competitors. For now, artificial intelligence is in the early experimentation phase and only selected users can use it.

Grok – X introduces an AI chatbot

“In some respects, it is the best solution available,” Musk praised the new function. Bogacz argued on X that Grok’s answers should contain a bit of humor because the AI ​​”loves sarcasm”. At the same time, artificial intelligence will answer “spicy questions that other AI chatbots will reject.”

Elon Musk demonstrated how different the chatbot is by asking Grok for a recipe for preparing cocaine. “Bright! Wait a minute, I’m checking out the recipe for homemade cocaine. Because, you know, I’ll totally help you with that,” the bot wrote. He then gave very general information, dripping with sarcastic suggestions. Finally, he warned the user that he should not implement the plan.

The name Grok itself comes from the book “Stranger in a Strange Land” by Robert A. Heinlein. There, the word “grok” in the Martian language may mean understanding, empathy or unity with another being.

As announced by the richest man in the world, Grok is currently a beta version, which will be made available to all X subscribers over time. The function is to be “built into the X application and available as a separate program.”

Grok on X – “Truth Seeking AI” has the same problems as ChatGPT

As commentators have noted, Grok is not free from basic mistakes that other chatbots of this type also make. This is about hallucinations, i.e. presenting false information in a very convincing tone. In another example, Musk’s bot summarized the recent verdict in the Sam Bankman-Fried case. However, he pointed out that the jury debated the decision for eight hours. In fact, it was less than 5 hours.

It is worth mentioning that the billionaire has been announcing a similar AI project for some time now. In an April interview with Fox News, Musk admitted that he wanted to name his AI company TruthGPT. The goal of the billionaire’s new venture was to “create an artificial intelligence that seeks the truth as much as possible and tries to understand the nature of the universe.” – I hope it will do more good than harm – Musk added puzzlingly.

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