Is walking without a bra healthy? We debunk myths

Is walking without a bra healthy?  We debunk myths

Walking without a bra is controversial. Some women consider them inappropriate, others believe that giving up wearing a bra can bring many benefits. What effect does going without a bra have on your health? Check.

The trend of going without a bra is only just beginning in Poland, although many famous women are more and more willing to give up wearing a bra. This group includes, among others, Joanna Krupa, Julia Wieniawa and Ewa Chodakowska. What is the meaning of freeing the breasts “from underwires and laces?” Can going without a bra have a beneficial effect on your health? Experts dispel popular myths.

Myth 1: Going without a bra strengthens your breasts and improves their shape

Some scientists, such as Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon, indicate that going without a bra may paradoxically help to improve the shape and lift of the breasts. In their opinion, giving up a bra allows you to strengthen your chest muscles in the long run. Doctors and specialists, however, point out that such conclusions are usually drawn on the basis of research that does not have a reliable theoretical basis and is conducted on a small number of people. As Andrew J. Shapiro, MD, medical director of the Comprehensive Breast Center at Wellington Regional Medical Center, points out, many factors contribute to breast sagging. And explains:

“The breasts are made of dense glandular tissue supported by ligaments. As we age, dense glandular tissue is replaced by fat. The ligaments, however, stretch, which leads to the breasts sagging. Wearing a bra can help slow down this process.”

Myth 2: Going without a bra reduces the risk of breast cancer

Wearing a bra or not wearing a bra is not associated with cancer. It does not affect the risk of breast cancer in any way. It neither reduces nor increases it. In this case, the type of underwear you wear or the number of hours you spend in a bra during the day do not matter. However, wearing a bra for a long time may cause discomfort. It appears when the bra is ill-fitting. Then it does not perform its function well and may put excessive pressure on the tissues, causing pain.

Myth 3. Walking without a bra improves tissue circulation

A well-fitting bra does not disturb blood circulation in the breast tissue. Moreover, giving up a bra often contributes to pain. Breasts without support put strain on the back and spine, which may result in posture defects. This especially applies to women with larger breasts.

“A bra shouldn’t be uncomfortable, and if it’s uncomfortable, it probably doesn’t fit properly. You should also choose a bra that suits the situation. Physically active women should choose sports bras. This type of bra supports and immobilizes the breasts, and at the same time absorbs any shocks,” explains Elisa Lawson, bra fitter.

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