Dreaming of a Free Seat in 1st Class? Tourist Reveals Her Trick

Dreaming of a Free Seat in 1st Class? Tourist Reveals Her Trick

A tourist shared a trick that her flight attendant told her. To get a free seat in first class, sometimes all it takes is a nice gesture towards the crew.

A free upgrade to first class is a dream for many tourists travelling in economy class. American influencer Antigoni Buxton believes that everyone can provide themselves with a bit of luxury with one easy trick. The tourist shared a piece of advice she once heard on board a flight from a flight attendant. According to her, all you need is… a small gift for the crew to significantly increase your chances in the drawing for first class seats.

The trick to get a free seat in 1st class

What to do to fulfill your dreams of flying in comfort? “If you want a free upgrade, take a box of doughnuts on board for the cabin crew,” advises the American. The tourist said that she had only tried the stewardess’ method once so far and, despite her doubts, it proved effective. Another airline employee disagrees, believing that buying doughnuts or another gift could be a waste of money. “In some cases, this act of kindness can result in a free drink or snack. However, free upgrades are usually rare,” we read.

Other ways to get free flights

The price of a first class ticket, depending on the route chosen, is several times higher than the price of economy class and several times higher than a seat in the business zone. It is no wonder that travelers count on a stroke of luck and free allocation to the zone for wealthier tourists. For years, new ways of upgrading a class have been regularly appearing on the Internet – one of the most obvious is collecting airline miles, which we can then exchange for better seats on the plane. Another trick is to book seats at the very back of the plane. When the plane is full, the staff will first offer seats in the higher class to people sitting in the back.

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