How much did the most expensive apartment cost in 2019? The amount is dizzying

How much did the most expensive apartment cost in 2019?  The amount is dizzying

The most expensive mixing plant sold in Poland in 2019 is located in Warsaw. It cost PLN 17 million.

PLN 17 million – this is how much the buyer paid for two interconnected apartments with a total area of ​​470 m2. The apartment is not located on an exclusive paradise island, but in Warsaw in a tenement house at Foksal 13/15. It is part of a stylish, recently revitalized tenement house, the history of which dates back to the end of the 19th century. The investor, Ghelamco, did not pay attention to the costs and recreated the historical façade of the building with great attention to detail.

According to the aforementioned portal, PLN 17 million is “one of the highest amounts allocated for a single apartment in the entire history of the Third Republic of Poland”, and at the same time the record price of an apartment in Poland in 2019. The journalists of inform that those with such funds could afford to buy, for example, a 16th-century castle on the Loire on a 9-hectare plot that has just been put up for sale.

The second most expensive apartment in 2019 was sold for PLN 11.5 million. Interestingly, it is located in the same building. One of the most expensive addresses in 2019 is also the “Apartamenty Flory 3” tenement house, according to Last year, the buyer paid PLN 5.75 million for the 232-metre premises on the sixth floor. More detailed information can be found in the report on the most expensive real estate.

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