An oddity during the Polish match. Bartosz Bednorz: You can complain

An oddity during the Polish match.  Bartosz Bednorz: You can complain

Polish volleyball players won against Bulgaria 3-0. Unfortunately, this match was full of controversies related to some of the referee’s decisions. Bartosz Bednorz commented on the organization of the tournament in China and pointed out some things that could be criticized.

Polish volleyball players won their second match in the qualifying tournament for the Olympic Games in Paris. At the inauguration, the White and Reds defeated the Belgians 3:2, and in the next match they did not give any chance to the Bulgarians.

Bartosz Bednorz assessed the match against Bulgaria

Our rivals, of course, had their chances, e.g. with the set ball in the first set, but Atanasov made a mistake with the passing ball and missed the pitch, and then together with Sokolov they ran into the Polish block and lost. After the match, in an interview for TVP Sport, Bartosz Bednorz, who played from the beginning, admitted that nuances are decisive in important moments.

– We kept a cool head and it was nice that we managed to close it in quite an interesting style, because I have never ended with two blocks before – he added.

An oddity during the Polish match

Volleyball players from both teams could lose their rhythm due to problems with the challenge, which often lasted from several to several dozen minutes. During the second set of the Poland-Bulgaria match, a bizarre situation occurred. When the score was 20:16, our rivals asked for video verification because they noticed Marcin Janusz’s mistake.

This challenge lasted so long that our quarterback decided to confess, just to resume the game. However, the judges did not accept our volleyball player’s translations because the procedure had already started. In the end, despite the nice behavior of the ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Koźle player, the point was still awarded to the White and Reds.

Why? The main referee of this match confessed on the microphone that they did not have the right shot to decide this matter. Which also meant that the White and Reds received a point. As you might expect, the Bulgarian national team staff, headed by coach Plamen Konstantinov, got angry after this announcement, and the coach waved his hands and shouted something at the referees. Ultimately, Nikola Grbic’s players won the set first, and then the entire match 3-0.

Bartosz Bednorz: You can complain

In an interview with TVP Sport, Bartosz Bednorz said that such long challenges bother volleyball players. – The organization of the tournament is great, but there are things that can be faulted. One of them is a challenge that lasts a very long time, he said.

– With Belgium we didn’t have a camera at all, we couldn’t find out what was happening. We only had to count on the referee’s decision. It takes a bit too long and throws you off rhythm, he concluded.

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