Safe loan 2 percent in December. “More records…”

Safe loan 2 percent  in December.  "More records..."

By December 21, banks concluded approximately 55.8 thousand loan agreements under the “Safe Credit 2%” program. This is an increase of almost 3.6 thousand. pieces per week – according to data from the Polish Bank Association (ZBP). The number of loan applications is just over 94,000. pieces.

Vice-President of the Polish Bank Association (ZBP), Agnieszka Wachnicka, provided the latest data on the “2% Safe Credit” program on the X platform (formerly Twitter). It turns out that by December 21, the number of submitted applications amounted to 94.1 thousand and within a week there was an increase by 11.7 thousand units. In turn, the number of concluded contracts is almost 55.8 thousand, which means a weekly increase by 3.6 thousand.

Safe loan 2 percent in December. The number of applications and contracts is growing

– Another week with BK2% and further records for submitted applications. The number of applications as of December 21 is already 94,121 pcs., an increase t/t by as much as 11,699 pcs! Number of contracts concluded 55,797 pcs. Increase t/to 3,599 pcs, slightly lower than in the previous reading – wrote the vice-president of the Polish Bank Association.

Wachnicka also announced that the amount reserved for subsidies for signed contracts means that the budget for next year will be exceeded by PLN 77.5 million. – Supplementary on the subject of BK2%. – the amount reserved for subsidies in 2024 for contracts already signed is PLN 1,018.5 billion. This means exceeding the 2024 budget by PLN 77.5 million – said the vice-president of the Polish Bank Association.

The “Safe 2% Loan” program was launched at the beginning of July this year. Persons who are under 45 years of age as at the date of submitting the loan application can apply for a subsidized loan, however, in the case of people running a household together, it is sufficient that this age one of them has not completed the loan (if both are parties to this loan agreement). The person taking out a housing loan and persons belonging to his or her household will not be able to have the ownership rights to a residential premises or a single-family house before the date of its granting.

A loan with subsidized installments can be granted in a maximum amount of PLN 600,000. PLN in the case of borrowers who run the farm together with their spouse or when the borrower’s household includes at least one child, in other cases – up to a maximum of PLN 500,000. zloty. A loan with subsidized installments may be granted without the borrower’s own contribution or with an own contribution not exceeding PLN 200,000. zloty.

The new government announces modifications to the program

The new Minister of Development and Technology, Krzysztof Hetman, recently announced on TVN24 that he would like to slightly modify the “2% Safe Credit” so that “it will be open to a larger number of our compatriots”. – Maybe it will be possible to make it cheaper without causing any costs to the state budget – said the head of the Ministry of Development and Technology.

When asked whether the interest rate on the “Safe Loan” would be reduced, Hetman replied: – We’ll see, it’s a matter of analysis when it comes to the state budget. It may even be smaller. Between 0 and 2 percent

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