Energy voucher. You should refrain from submitting applications

Energy voucher.  You should refrain from submitting applications

The amount of the energy voucher will depend on the number of household members. Applications can be submitted from August 1 to the end of September

The energy voucher is a one-time benefit aimed at reducing the financial burden on households resulting from high bills for electricity, natural gas and district heating. The energy voucher will be awarded to households whose average monthly income in 2023 did not exceed PLN 2,500 per person in a single-person household or PLN 1,700 per person in a multi-person household

Who is the energy voucher for?

The energy voucher is intended to help the worst-off families cope with energy price increases. Farms that meet certain income criteria are eligible to receive an energy voucher:

  • in single-person households – when income does not exceed PLN 2,500

  • in multi-person households – when the income per person does not exceed PLN 1,700

  • retirees receiving benefits equal to or lower than the minimum pension.

The legislator decided to introduce a “PLN for PLN” mechanism. People who exceed the above-mentioned thresholds will receive the benefit, but its amount will decrease in proportion to the surplus. The minimum withdrawal amount is PLN 20.

How much will the energy voucher be?

The energy voucher amounts depend on the number of people living in the household:

  • PLN 300 for single-person households,

  • PLN 400 for 2-3 person households,

  • PLN 500 for households with 4-5 people,

  • PLN 600 for households with 6 people and more.

How to apply for an energy voucher?

Applications for an energy voucher can be submitted from August 1 to September 30, 2024. From the moment a complete application is submitted, local governments will have 60 days to consider it. The funds from the energy voucher will be transferred to the applicant’s designated bank account at the end of this year or at the beginning of 2025.

The application can be submitted in person or electronically, as well as via the mObywatel application. Application templates will be available in the Public Information Bulletin and on the websites of relevant offices.

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