Is this the end of the famous Polish club? PLS spokesman comments on the confusion

Is this the end of the famous Polish club?  PLS spokesman comments on the confusion

The Police chemist hangs over the abyss. The famous club is in danger of extinction. The PLS spokesman comments on the situation of the 10-time Polish champion, referring to the history of Trefl Gdańsk.

Grupa Azoty Chemik Police is one of the most successful clubs in the history of Polish women's volleyball. In the historical classification, the club ranks third in terms of national championships. Although last season of the team from the West Pomeranian Voivodeship could be called a big disappointment, this year they will finish the regular season in first place.

The PLS spokesman comments on the case of the famous club

Sports results have been overshadowed by the press release in recent days. The chemist informed about the difficult situation caused by the withdrawal of the main sponsor, Grupa Azoty. The State Treasury company is experiencing financial problems that affect the volleyball team. The company has been the club's main sponsor for years, guaranteeing millions of zlotys of the budget.

According to media reports, Chemik's players are being “purchased”. Many of them may go to league rivals from Rzeszów and Łódź. According to Kamil Składowski, spokesman for PLS, the manager of the Tauron Liga competition, the situation of the team in the current season is calm. The club has to finish the competition. In the program “7. zone” on Polsat Sport, Składowski also referred to the history of Trefl Gdańsk, which managed to cope despite huge problems after the withdrawal of Lotos a few years ago.

– Chemik has already played the last match of the regular round, won this round and this stage is closed. The PLS board is in constant contact with the board of the club from Police. The information that comes from there is reassuring. Everything indicates that the team will finish the season, said Składowski. – We remember how a few seasons ago Lotos withdrew from sponsoring the Trefl team, today the team from Gdańsk is at the top of the league. The club survived this difficult time and repaid certain liabilities. I hope it will be the same in Police – the PLS spokesman referred to the history of Trefl Gdańsk.

Chemik Police will play in the quarterfinals of the Tauron League

Although the regular phase of the Tauron Liga will end on Monday, it is already known that Chemik's rival in the quarterfinals will be Energa MKS Kalisz. In the last round, both teams faced each other. Marco Fenoglio's club triumphed 3-0.

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