Drink anise tea. It’s good for digestion

Drink anise tea.  It's good for digestion

Anise has a characteristic flavor that some people like and others can’t get over. In addition to the taste, however, it has a number of beneficial properties for health. Anise infusion is especially recommended for people who have digestive problems.

Anise is an aromatic spice with an intense sweet and spicy taste. The plant comes from China and Southeast Asia, it has characteristic inflorescences, which consist of triangular scales, forming the shape of a star, hence its full name star anise. It is used both in gastronomy and in natural medicine. It owes its action to the content of biologically active compounds, including anethole, which is responsible for the characteristic sweet aroma of the spice. Anise infusion is very easy to prepare.

Why should you drink anise tea?

Star anise is a good source of B vitamins, vitamin C and A, which are good antioxidants. It also contains minerals such as calcium, copper, potassium, iron, manganese, magnesium and zinc. Anise is credited with aiding digestion and reducing stomach pains as well as stimulating appetite. It soothes the course of upper respiratory tract infections, it is especially helpful in the case of persistent runny nose and cough, as it has anti-inflammatory properties. Anise infusion is also recommended for people with diabetes. It contains polyphenols that can affect glucose metabolism and lower its level in the blood. It can be used in women with painful menstruation, it also relieves the symptoms of menopause. Aniseed oil is also obtained from anise, which is used in aromatherapy due to its relaxing and relaxing properties.

Recipe: Anise infusion

It works most effectively when you drink it several times a day.

Type of cuisine
Middle Eastern
cooking time
10 minutes
Number of servings


  • 1-2 star anise
  • glass of water

A method of preparing

  1. Prepare the infusionPour the anise stars into a cup of hot water. Leave covered for 10 minutes.
  2. Drink slightly cooledAnise infusion is best drunk slightly cooled down, in small sips.

The use of anise in the kitchen

Anise is a spice that is added to both sweets, e.g. candies, gingerbread, cookies, but also meat dishes, fish, soups and sauces, giving them a unique taste and aroma. Anise is used to make liqueurs. On its basis, anisette is prepared – a sweet liqueur or vodka with a distinctive flavor of anise. Depending on the production method, it can contain from 25 to 50 percent. alcohol. Anise has several varieties depending on its country of origin. In Greece it is called ouzo, in Turkey – raki, in Lebanon – arak, in Italy – sambuca, and in France – pastis.

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