Katarzyna Figura admitted that she suffers from a serious illness. What does the actress face?

Katarzyna Figura admitted that she suffers from a serious illness.  What does the actress face?

Katarzyna Figura recently admitted that she suffers from a serious illness. The artist’s father also struggled with it. The actress suffers from diabetes. See what problems are associated with this disease.

Katarzyna Figura needs no introduction. She’s a famous actress. Her roles in films such as “The Ring and the Rose”, “Kingsajz” and “Kiler” brought her popularity. The artist is still professionally active. He acts in front of the camera and on theater stages. In 2021, she won the title of Person of the 30th Anniversary of “Wprost” in the Culture category.

Katarzyna Figura has diabetes

Katarzyna Figura is struggling with type 2 diabetes. She spoke publicly about her health problems in one of the television programs. While talking to Marzena Rogalska, she glanced at her watch from time to time. She admitted that she was looking at the timer because the signal from the sensor on her arm had disappeared. It is this sensor that helps the artist control blood glucose levels. It tells her when her sugar level is too high or too low. The actress measured her glucose during the meeting.

“I’m at 110. It’s good. This is actually in a very safe range (editor’s note). I have no stress when meeting you, with you. And I am healthy (…) Relatively recently, I also learned that this diabetes needs peace and I have to take great control over this nervous system (…) I should not allow stress, which unfortunately lies at the root of all our worst diseases,” she confessed actress.

At the same time, she pointed out that the topic of diabetes was not alien to her. Her father suffered from the same disease. The man fell ill after the age of fifty. Katarzyna Figura admitted that she now understands him much better than before. In the past, she didn’t fully understand some of her parent’s behaviors.

– Back then I didn’t understand why he always had something to snack on. I also didn’t understand his emotional problems that were the result of the disease. I understood only years later, when they also affected me, she noted.

What factors contribute to the development of diabetes?

Not only stress, as mentioned by Katarzyna Figura, is dangerous for diabetics. Risk factors in type 2 diabetes also include an improper, high-fat diet, lack of physical activity, obesity and the so-called gestational diabetes. It is important not to underestimate signals indicating too high blood glucose levels and to start appropriate treatment as soon as possible under the supervision of an experienced diabetologist. Untreated diabetes significantly worsens the patient’s quality of life and causes many complications, such as diabetic foot.

What symptoms are worth paying special attention to? The following symptoms should prompt a visit to a specialist: excessive thirst, frequent urination, dry skin, drowsiness, fatigue, slow healing of wounds.

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