An important deadline for active retirees expires in 2 weeks

An important deadline for active retirees expires in 2 weeks

By the end of February, pensioners who earn extra money must inform ZUS about their earnings. Working in retirement is not prohibited, but the benefits received by retirees and pensioners may be reduced or even completely suspended if certain income thresholds are exceeded.

Pensioners can work after reaching retirement age and receive remuneration without losing their pension benefits – however, the regulations provide for income thresholds, exceeding which will result in a reduction or even complete suspension of pension payments. By the end of February each year, information on the income of supplementary pensioners must be sent to ZUS. The obligation includes providing information about remuneration not only from the employment contract, but also from orders and income from one’s own business.

The pension benefit will be reduced if the pensioner’s income exceeds 70%. average monthly salary. If the 130% threshold is exceeded. average monthly salary, the payment of pension or disability pension for a given month will be suspended.

The limits for pensioners earning extra money will go up

The average salary in the fourth quarter of 2023 was PLN 7,540.36 – over PLN 340 per month more than in the previous quarter (PLN 7,194.95). Therefore, in March, April and May 2024, the limits for supplementary pensioners will increase.

From March 1 to May 31, 2024, the amount of revenue corresponding to:

  • 70 percent the average monthly salary announced for the fourth quarter of 2023 is PLN 5,278.30 – only revenues above this amount will reduce the pension/pension

  • 130 percent the average monthly salary announced for the fourth quarter of 2023 is PLN 9,802.50 – only revenues above this amount will mean suspension of the pension/pension

When can retirees earn extra money without consequences?

The income limit indicated above does not apply to persons who:

  • are entitled to a pension and have reached the general retirement age (the exception to this rule are those retirees whose pension has been increased by ZUS to the amount of the minimum benefit, i.e. to PLN 1,588.44 gross. If the income from work exceeds the amount of the increase to the minimum pension, then the pension will be paid in a lower amount, i.e. without any subsidy to the minimum)

  • are entitled to a partial pension,

  • are entitled to a war invalidity pension for stay in a camp and places of isolation or a family pension for these invalids,

  • are entitled to a military disability pension in connection with military service or a survivor’s pension after a soldier whose death is related to military service

  • they receive survivors’ pensions after those entitled to these benefits. If a person receives a survivor’s pension that is more favorable in amount than the established pension for reaching the standard retirement age, he or she can also earn without limits.

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