Polish Development Fund with a new president. He is a financier with extensive experience

Polish Development Fund with a new president.  He is a financier with extensive experience

We managed to appoint a successor to Paweł Borys, who stopped managing the Polish Development Fund in March this year. Piotr Matczuk will be the head of the institution that carries out various tasks for the local government and the private sector.

“The Supervisory Board of the Polish Development Fund SA, after conducting the qualification procedure, elected the Management Board of the Polish Development Fund for a new, joint, 5-year term of office,” the announcement reads.

Piotr Matczuk became the new president of the management board of PFR, Mariusz Jaszczyk became vice-president for finance and development, and Mikołaj Raczyński became vice-president for investments. The vice president for development programs was not selected in the competition.

Piotr Matczuk, new president of PFR

Piotr Matczuk is a graduate of economic studies at the Warsaw School of Economics and the sustainable corporations program at the University of Oxford. He has been working in the financial industry for 17 years. Previously, he was a representative of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), part of the World Bank, responsible for supporting the development of the private sector. Matczuk was responsible for the implementation of the IFC strategy in Poland, business development and relations with public and private partners.

Matczuk supervised strategic projects at PKP Intercity, and was also an advisor on the supervisory board of the European Bank for Renewal and Development.

What does the Polish Development Fund do?

The Polish Development Fund is a group of financial and advisory institutions for entrepreneurs, local governments and private individuals. In recent years, he has developed over a hundred products aimed at entrepreneurs. PFR is a State Treasury company.

In March this year, the term of office of the previous president, Paweł Borys, expired. During his time, the institution carried out tasks resulting from pandemic challenges, including: paid compensation to entrepreneurs for the time when they could not work normally and processed payments under the anti-crisis shield.

After the end of his term, Paweł Borys Borys moved to private business and joined the private equity fund MCI Capital.

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