An appeal to Andrzej Duda to delegate PO. “The only one who can stop the TVP madness”

An appeal to Andrzej Duda to delegate PO.  "The only one who can stop the TVP madness"

“The coup d’etat carried out by Tusk’s coalition continues! Today, President Andrzej Duda is the only person who can stop this madness,” wrote Robert Bąkiewicz. The National Guard wants the head of state to submit an application to the Constitutional Tribunal regarding the activities of political parties.

The National Guard, an organization founded by Robert Bąkiewicz, appeals to Andrzej Duda to ban the parties: PO, PSL, Polski 2050 and the New Left. “The actions of the politicians of the ‘December 13 Coalition’ bear all the hallmarks of a coup d’état, which serves to gradually introduce increasingly draconian methods of exercising power,” it was emphasized at the start.

Appeal of the National Guard to Andrzej Duda. This includes: about TVP

It was further assessed that “the dismissal of the current presidents of the Management Boards of TVP, Polskie Radio and PAP as well as the Supervisory Boards was made contrary to the security issued to the Companies by the Constitutional Tribunal and is clearly invalid.” The National Guard added that “such standards exist only in the Russian and Belarusian dictatorships.” It was recalled that the public television signal had previously been turned off only once in Poland: at the beginning of martial law.

“We have no doubt that Donald Tusk’s cabinet will not stop at these first brutal and anti-democratic actions,” reads an excerpt from the letter of the organization founded by Bąkiewicz. Therefore, Duda was appealed to submit to the Constitutional Tribunal a request to examine the compliance of the goals or activities of political parties with the Constitution.

Association founded by Robert Bąkiewicz: It’s time to resist

According to the National Guard, the president cannot behave passively in this situation. The organization founded by Bąkiewicz also demands that Duda “call on all state services to prevent unlawful government actions and defend the legal system.” “Donald Tusk and his coalition partners are clearly violating the Constitution of the Republic of Poland. It’s time to resist! Express your opposition!” – noted in the appeal called “ObroniMy Polskę”.

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