A fight at the PAP headquarters. Macierewicz wanted to see the documents

A fight at the PAP headquarters.  Macierewicz wanted to see the documents

PiS politicians have been conducting their intervention at the PAP headquarters since Wednesday. On Sunday, there was an incident involving Antoni Macierewicz. The PiS politician claims that he was attacked. However, the new president of PAP, Marek Błoński, believes that Macierewicz broke the regulations.

PiS politicians who were in the PAP building on Sunday included: Antoni Macierewicz. A video showing an incident involving a deputy was found online. Macierewicz stood in the way of one of the men who pretended to be an employee of the agency. The PiS MP demanded that he show a document confirming his employment. – Please do not make my work difficult – appealed the PAP employee. – I am an MP who checks what is happening here – said Macierewicz. – You are not a representative of the authority that decides here – he added.

After a while, a scuffle broke out between the man and Macierewicz. As Onet reports, the PAP employee previously showed his ID to security guards. Despite everything, he did not manage to get through the door blocked by the PiS MP.

Błoński reacts: We notified the police

The new president of PAP, Marek Błoński, commented on the matter. – This morning, a situation occurred which – in our opinion – was not only a breach of all limits of what people staying in the PAP building call a parliamentary intervention, but also a violation of the law and a threat to the security and continuity of the Agency’s work – he said in a cable published on the website PAP He also reported that Macierewicz blocked the passage of an employee of the IT and telecommunications office who was supposed to replace an employee finishing the night shift.

– We notified the police about this unacceptable incident, and we will also file a formal report on the possibility of committing a crime involving forcing a PAP employee to perform a specific behavior – said Błoński. He also emphasized that, in his opinion, such actions by PiS politicians have “nothing to do with parliamentary intervention” and are illegal.

Macierewicz: This man attacked me

However, Macierewicz himself assesses the situation completely differently. Also in an interview with PAP, he reported that he was alerted that “some new officers were coming to the building.” He then allegedly went down to the reception area together with PiS MEP Anna Fotyga. According to the politician, the man who tried to enter the building behaved “very aggressively.” – I asked him to give me his name because I wanted to give it to Mr. Wojciech Surmacz, who comes in, who introduces himself as a local employee – he described.

– This man rushed at me, hit me with his arm, trying to knock me down – said the PiS MP. He also announced that he would give a statement to the police. – We are dealing with a man who is brutal and extremely aggressive, acting physically against people whom there is no doubt are MPs – he said.

PiS politicians are to spend Christmas at PAP

The atmosphere at the headquarters of the Polish Press Agency thickened on Thursday evening. A dozen or so PiS parliamentarians had previously entered the building, with both the new and dismissed president of the company inside. The first one, Marek Błoński, argued that the agency’s management works and, despite the difficulties, performs its duties. It is known, however, that he did not get into the cabinet blocked by MPs and dismissed Wojciech Surmacz. PiS politicians had previously not ruled out that they would not interrupt their intervention even during the holidays.

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