A famous journalist appeals to women: Examine not only yourself, but also torture your men, brothers and fathers

A famous journalist appeals to women: Examine not only yourself, but also torture your men, brothers and fathers

Marcin Meller recently surprised his followers with a rather personal confession. A “medical-exhibitionist photo in the name of a great cause” appeared on the journalist's social media. Check what exactly it is about.

Marcin Meller rarely shares information from his private life on social media. Recently, however, he made an exception. He published a selfie from his hospital bed and admitted that he had undergone surgery to remove a polyp that was detected during a colonoscopy. He also made an important appeal to all his observers, encouraging them to perform regular preventive tests.

A colonoscopy can save a life

The journalist has been involved in the idea of ​​promoting preventive tests, especially colonoscopy, for over 15 years. There is a good reason for this. His father – Stefan Meller – died of colon cancer at the age of only 66. “He might be alive today if he had been examined earlier, because his health was fine. But the test package at work did not include a colonoscopy, which allows for the diagnosis of cancer at a very early stage, and he didn't think of it himself,” we read. entry shared on social media. After his father's death in 2008, Marcin Meller began to have regular check-ups (every eight years). The first two colonoscopies did not reveal any disturbing changes or abnormalities in the journalist. During the last examination, the presence of a small polyp was found. Therefore, Meller made an important appeal to his observers:

“EVERYONE OVER 40 SHOULD DO THESE TESTS (colonoscopies – editor's note). If someone in your immediate family died of colon cancer before the age of 50, go at least 10 years earlier than the age at which your loved one died (…) My appeal to the young: torment your elderly, torment them, but let them will investigate. Harass older siblings. Girls! You are generally more vigilant, but examine not only yourselves, but also torture your men, brothers and fathers, even if they insist like donkeys and turn the topic into a mockery.

In Poland, over 12,000 patients die from colorectal cancer every year. More than 20,000 people are diagnosed with cancer. Many of these tragedies could have been avoided by performing regular colonoscopies. Detecting changes early significantly increases the chances of recovery and full recovery.

How does colon cancer manifest itself?

Colorectal cancer causes many non-specific symptoms that are not usually associated with cancer. These include symptoms such as abdominal pain, weakness and fatigue, weight loss and changes in bowel habits. In the later stages of the disease, other disturbing signals also appear, such as a feeling of rectal overflow, rectal bleeding or blood in the stool.

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