Porsche with Android system coming soon. What will the customer gain from this?

Porsche with Android system coming soon.  What will the customer gain from this?

When two powerful brands join forces, it can only mean success. Porsche will be the next brand, after Volvo, Renault, Honda and Ford, to offer a wide range of Google services in its models.

Porsche and Google are expanding their cooperation, with the mission to enable even deeper integration of Google services in Porsche sports models. The new services will cover the areas of navigation, speech and the application ecosystem.

In PCM, a broader suite of Google services

Google ecosystem integration will include Google Maps, Google Assistant and a wide range of applications available in the Google Play Store. Porsche customers will continue to benefit from the familiar user interface of the Porsche Communication Management (PCM) system, including access to online updates.

“The Android-based infotainment system will give drivers access to the latest Google technologies and services combined with the best design and values ​​of the Porsche brand.” – said Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google’s vice president of platforms and ecosystems.

Porsche and Google partnership for many years

In the future, customer-relevant ecosystems from various suppliers will be directly integrated into the car via standard interfaces and platforms. In this way, PCM will become an integral part of the digital ecosystem of Porsche customers around the world. The inclusion of Google’s offering will be the next step on this path for Porsche.

The first cars equipped with new solutions from Google will go into production in the middle of this decade.

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