No longer Bard, but Gemini. Google is changing the name of its AI chat

No longer Bard, but Gemini.  Google is changing the name of its AI chat

Google has decided to change the name of its AI chatbot to Gemini. By the way, the artificial intelligence-based content search engine has received a new application for iOS and Android.

Suddenly changing the name of an artificial intelligence tool that has only recently entered the consciousness of users may seem like an odd move, but nothing happens by accident at Google. The company justified its decision very logically and from now on its AI search engine will appear only under a new name. Moreover, Gemini models could be used already in December last year, but only now are they definitively replacing the solution previously known as Bard.

Bard turns into Gemini

Google’s name change means that Bard’s most important task was to provide people from all over the world with easy access to artificial intelligence solutions to enable them to become familiar with the groundbreaking technology. On the giant’s part, it was an obvious response to the appearance of a tool called ChatGPT, which was the first to use this technology to a wide audience.

Meanwhile, under a new name, artificial intelligence from Google is to be a much more advanced and larger family of AI models, which will not only be a simple content search engine, as was the case with Bard. It will offer more possibilities, addressed to ordinary users as well as developers and entire companies, and will be used throughout the entire Google application ecosystem.

Gemini mobile application

Gemini is now available as a mobile application for smartphones with iOS and Android operating systems. On this occasion, Google is introducing a subscription called Gemini Advanced, which is based on advanced Ultra 1.0 artificial intelligence models.

The tool in this form debuted first in the United States. Next in line are South Korea and Japan, and only after them the Gemini application will officially appear in Europe, although it is not yet known when exactly this may happen. This means that we have to wait a little longer to be able to use the Polish language in Gemini on smartphones.

As was the case with Bard, Gemini in Polish can of course be used on a computer in a web browser. The existing tool simply redirects users to a new address.

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