Duda on arming Ukraine: The Prime Minister’s words were interpreted in the worst possible way

Duda on arming Ukraine: The Prime Minister's words were interpreted in the worst possible way

President Andrzej Duda referred to the words of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki regarding arms supplies to Ukraine.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki was a guest of Polsat News on September 20. He said on the station that “we are no longer handing over any weapons, because we will now arm ourselves with the most modern weapons.” – If you don’t want to defend yourself, you must have something to defend yourself – this is the principle we adhere to, which is why we have made increased orders – he added in the program. The context of the words was explained by a government spokesman.

Duda comments on Morawiecki’s words

On September 21, President Andrzej Duda was asked about the Prime Minister’s words. The Prime Minister’s statement was understood by many to mean that Poland would no longer transfer weapons to Ukraine.

– The Prime Minister’s words were interpreted in the worst possible way. The Prime Minister said this in the context of the new weapons we are purchasing for our army. In my opinion, the Prime Minister said this: We will not transfer the new weapons that we are currently purchasing as part of the modernization of the Polish army to Ukraine – said President Andrzej Duda on TVN24.

– This is how I understood this statement because I talked to the Prime Minister about this many months ago. We both had the same position then: We cannot transfer our new weapons, which we are currently buying for billions of dollars, to the Polish army to increase Poland’s security – added the president.

Duda: We have important contracts with Ukraine

At the same time, President Andrzej Duda reminded that the Polish arms industry has signed contracts for the commercial supply of arms and ammunition to Ukraine. These agreements will continue to be honored.

– I will be the first to oppose the transfer of new weapons that we buy from South Korea and the United States. Please remember, however, that we have signed contracts with Ukraine for the supply of weapons, such as the supply of Krab gun howitzers. We also have agreements on ammunition and mine clearing vehicles. As we receive new weapons from the USA and Korea, we will also loosen the weapons that the Polish army now uses. Perhaps we will give them to Ukraine – said Andrzej Duda.

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