ChatGPT will earn $1 billion in a year. OpenAI rubs its hands

ChatGPT will earn $1 billion in a year.  OpenAI rubs its hands

Interest in ChatGPT seemed to be waning, but OpenAI is now in a great position, with earnings approaching $1 billion a year. The company’s results may have been influenced by the growing interest in AI among the company.

Some recently announced a miserable end for the creators of ChatGPT, and now others herald a golden age for the same OpenAI company. The authors of the most popular chatbot supported by artificial intelligence are to be one step away from crossing a key milestone.

OpenAI with $1 billion in sales – ChatGPT still popular?

As revealed by an anonymous source to Bloomberg, the company responsible for ChatGPT currently earns approximately $80 million in sales per month. This means that assuming the trend is maintained, the company will earn over $1 billion a year.

In the opinion of specialists, the company’s successful results may be related to the increasing adoption of the GPT-4 system and the ChatGPT chatbot by companies. In August, OpenAI even released a special version of ChatGPT Enterprise, dedicated to business use. It offers, among others: unlimited access to the most powerful AI engine in version 4, data encryption and greater data privacy.

The creators of ChatGPT have huge costs

The latest reports are quite interesting, considering the previous black clouds gathering over OpenAI. Negative information includes: large company expenses.

As we wrote in, the company spends a phenomenal $700,000 every day to maintain the operation of the ChatGPT service for Internet users. According to analysts, the company also generates trace profits. Attempts to sell premium subscriptions for chatbot services have not been well received by average Internet users.

Already in May 2023, OpenAI publicly admitted that it is far from generating profits from its activities. The company then confirmed that since the production of ChatGPT it had doubled its negative result and had already generated a total loss of $540 million.

What may also be disturbing is the fact that after reaching the peak of interest in May this year – 1.9 billion users – the use of chatbots is gradually decreasing. However, the company emphasizes that the tool is used less by individual Internet users, but more and more companies are interested in it.

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