Activists from the Last Generation are back in action. They blocked Warsaw bridges

Activists from the Last Generation are back in action.  They blocked Warsaw bridges

The Last Generation is a group of activists that tries to draw public attention to the problem of climate change. On Tuesday, April 16, the organization blocked two bridges in Warsaw.

Drivers driving over the Vistula River in the center of Warsaw must be patient. Climate activists blocked two key bridges in the Polish capital: Gdański and Poniatowskiego. They glued themselves to the surface with strong adhesives to let everyone know that they took their demands seriously.

The Last Generation blocked bridges in Warsaw

We can read a few sentences of explanation on the Last Generation's Facebook profile. Activists explain, among other things, why they block bridges at all. “Because saving billions of people from hunger and suffering due to climate and social collapse is a moral obligation of greater importance than not disturbing anyone,” we read.

“Social resistance continues because Prime Minister Donald Tusk ignored demands for cheap and accessible public transport. Instead, the government plans to spend PLN 294 billion by 2030. zloty. for the construction of highways and expressways,” the authors of the announcement point out.

“And all this while CO2 emissions from transport (one fifth of all emissions!) in Poland are growing, and with them the crisis is worsening. Will the government choose accessible transport and responsible climate policy or Poland plagued by droughts, food shortages and lack of water in taps (but with highways…)? – asked by people concerned about the state of the environment.

Climate activists are looking for allies

Photos from the protest also included an appeal to join the cause and a collection was announced. “Join those taking action against climate collapse. The next meeting will be on Thursday, April 18, at 6 p.m. at Krucza 17,” members of the Last Generation wrote on Facebook.

In the link to the event we can read a few more sentences about the group's goals. “We are the first generation to live with access to full knowledge about the climate crisis, and at the same time the last generation that still has a chance to stop its worst effects,” activists emphasize.

“We need people to stand up. We meet to talk about our plans, values ​​and community. And we will answer the most important question – how to act in the face of a disaster? – they add, announcing a meeting at Krucza Street in Warsaw.

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